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Bellthorpe Rainforest Tour

If you like to explore the rainforest without the crowds, this tour is made for you. Bellthorpe Stays is 400 private acres high in the hills of the hinterland at Bellthorpe, just over one hour north of Brisbane. At nearly 600 meters above sea level, the country varies from density-rich rainforest to open forest, with changing habitats in-between, including palm groves, wetlands, and open paddocks.

The property has numerous walking tracks, waterfalls, a great variety of birds and wildlife, plus four self-contained cabins. Normally, day visitors are not permitted, but Brisbane Nature Tours have secured private access for you to enjoy the property for the morning.

We will walk the Rainforest Track with its strangler figs, tall buttress trees, vines, and tree ferns. The birdlife is abundant at Bellthorpe Stays. This is your chance to see and hear a great variety of birds, including the Regent Bowerbird, Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Catbird, Noisy Pitta, Riflebird, Rose Crowne Fruit Dove, King Parrot, but also many other smaller birds like Honey Eaters.

Meeting the wildlife is by chance, but usually, the prospects are good. Wildlife such as the Richmond Birdwing butterfly, Marbled Frogmouth, Giant Barred Frog, Wallaby, Koala, Echidna, Land Mullet, and the Goanna can be found on the property. There is even a chance to spot Platypuses in their favorite creek.

We will stop for a break at the impressive Heritage Waterfalls midway. Walking back, we will have a look at the site of one of the world’s rarest trap door spiders. Along the palm-lined creek beside the walking tracks, the mystery of the burrows is waiting to be unraveled.

Before returning to the Resource Centre, we will visit the lily ponds. The ponds are inhabited by a variety of frog species.

After a cuppa at the Resource Centre, we will head up to Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve where we will enjoy lunch at the café.

After lunch, we will visit the Visitor Information Centre and go for a short rainforest walk in the Reserve.

Price information

Tour: Tour including pick up and drop off
For: 2 to 3 people
Price: 175AUD per person
Duration: 10 hours (including pick up and drop off)
Lunch: Not included, bring or buy your own

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Bellthorpe Stays waterfallBellthorpe Stays waterfall